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The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors (Digital)

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors (Digital)

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The Goldmine is an easy-to-use software program that will dramatically increase your cash flow with the absolute best tax-saving secrets in the country! The system includes tax-saving strategies for every type of real estate investor and for every type of real estate investing.

 The Goldmine shows you how to implement money-saving strategies with step-by-step instructions using special 

Tax-Reduction & Audit-Proofing forms and strategies.

What’s Included:

  • The Renaissance Goldmine Text Manual.
  • 15 Audio CD’s With Complete Tracking and Reference

What you’ll learn:

  • How to aggressively take money-saving deductions without increasing your chances of an IRS audit
  • How to retroactively save on overlooked deductions that can save you $1,000's
  • How to legally double and triple your depreciation deductions and save thousands without expending cash!
  • How to stop overpaying on your taxes simply because you don't know what deductions you're allowed to take... we share them with you!
  • How to TOTALLY AVOID being a dealer and save thousands!
  • How to laugh & legally save thousands in taxes, every year (starting this year)!
  • How to avoid the stress and headaches of costly IRS audits
  • Simple ways to create HUGE unlimited deductions with NO cash out!
  • How to sell properties tax-free and keep 100% of your profits!
  • How to choose the right entity to protect you and your family.  
  • And much more!


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