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Real Deal Club + Small Apartment School Package
Real Deal Club + Small Apartment School Package
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Real Deal Club + Small Apartment School Package

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With this one-of-a-kind package, Lance Edwards has bundled two of his most valuable courses into one package at a GREAT price! Only $9,997.00. That's more than a thousand dollars off!

Small Apartment School is a complete training for getting started in small apartments TODAY - with actual calls to sellers and agents. Learn how you can get started on the path to financial freedom through Small Apartments – part time with no cash, credit or experience. Sold separately at $3,495.00.

What’s Included:

  • Multifamily 2.0 Home Study System
  • Immediate Digital Download
  • 6 Months of Gold Support
  • 2 Tickets to Lance’s LIVE Small Apartments Boot Camp
  • 180 Day Success Story for Tuition Reimbursement

When you attend the boot camp:

  • You'll receive the Offer Generator Software
  • You'll see offers being made on website listings using the Offer Generator Software 
  • You'll hear calls with agents and sellers using scripts
  • You'll learn apartments while we do apartments LIVE at the boot camp

Here's what else you will see and learn:

  • 5 Ways to Get Started in Small Apartments
  • 12 Money-Making Small Apartment Strategies
  • How to Wholesale Small Apartments
  • How to Buy Small Apartments, Using Other People's Money
  • Hear ACTUAL Calls to Sellers and Agents
  • 6 Steps to Start-Up and Scale-Up
  • Complete Marketing Systems
  • How to Find Deals
  • How to Find Buyers
  • How to Find Private Investors
  • 1-on-1 Goal Session - Your Personal Plan

After you graduate from the three day virtual boot camp, you'll be automatically enrolled in Lance's Real Deal Club for 12 months!

Lance's Real Deal Club applies the knowledge learned in Small Apartment School and applies it to real deals. You'll easily learn real estate investing by seeing Lance’s deals, being done nationwide, and virtually – from your home. Nothing gives anyone more confidence than seeing the actual deals being done. To really learn it and internalize it, you need to be able to look over someone’s shoulder and see it done. And then get your questions answered on what you just observed. Plus, in Real Deal Club, you qualify to bring Lance your deals to review or partner. Sold Separately at $7,599.00.

What you’ll learn:

  • How We Evaluate Markets Nationwide:
  • How We Find the Deals
  • How We Get the Property Under Contract
  • How We Flip the Properties We Don’t Want to Keep
  • How We Keep the Best Properties

What’s included:

  • 12-Month Look-Over-My-Shoulder On Lance’s Deals: 2nd & 4th Mondays
  • All Sessions Recorded for Playback and Review
  • Unlimited Deal Structuring Support & Q&A via email
  • “Lance in a Box” – Lance’s Deal Structuring Decision Matrix
  • Partner with Lance on 2-4 Unit Properties (or larger)
  • BONUS #1: Phone Access to Lance’s Transactions Team
  • BONUS #2: Done-for-You Marketing to Lance’s Buyer’s List
  • BONUS #3: Small Apartments On-Demand Video Training
  • BONUS #4: Raising Private Money On-Demand Video Training
  • BONUS #5: Two Extra Coaching Calls on Your Deals: 1st & 3rd Mondays

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