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Doable Deal System w/ Software

Doable Deal System w/ Software

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If You're Serious About Accumulating Wealth in US Real Estate, You Must Know These “Behind-Closed-Door” Techniques That No Agent or Seller Will Tell You (or Maybe Even Know About)

Lance Edwards' Doable Deal System demystifies the process of deal structuring and offer making. Finally, you’ll operate from a position of strength and confidence without having to rely on an agent or seller (who probably doesn’t have your interests at heart).

What You'll Learn:

  • How to evaluate markets and neighborhoods, online, from your desk
  • How to screen properties without speaking to a broker.
  • How to rigorously evaluate residential houses and 2-4 unit properties; pretty or ugly, in 10 minutes or less
  • How to evaluate apartments and commercial properties; pretty or ugly, in 10 minutes or less, before you even speak to a broker
  • The three critical indicators of investment success for any income producing property
  • How to succeed as a buy-and-hold investor, even when buying in a falling or recessionary market
  • The incredibly simple and disarming method of negotiation when you're not salesy
  • How to pull market comps (market rents, market price, and average market occupancy) for FREE with confidence rather than black magic
  • How to confidently determine the exact return to offer your private investor
  • How to estimate rehab costs before you even look at the property
  • How to structure full-price offers on pretty properties in pretty areas so you make a safe annual 15% (minimum) return on your investment
  • How to calculate your maximum wholesale fee and price before even making an offer

What's Included:

  • Online audio and video training of the complete system, recorded from Lance's two-day LIVE virtual boot camp.  Watch where and when you want.  Receive the training plus the accompanying manual of the entire system.
  • Lance's Doable Deal Generator Software that gives you a red light or green light indicator in evaluating any doable deal: software that is rigorous in its under-the-hood evaluation methodology but fifth-grade simple in its use. You simply enter the base deal parameters on any property, and then you play what-if on price, financing terms and operational improvements until you get a green lightThe Doable Deal Generator software is yours FREE for six months.
  • A copy of Lance's Little Black Book: Lance's book of secrets which explains and summarizes the entire Doable Deal System.  
  • Demonstrations and case studeis of the system in practice:
    • Residential evaluation of houses and 2-4 unit duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes
    • Commercial evaluation of apartments (5-500 units), self-storage, mobile home parks, etc. (The evaluation is all the same once you understand the system)
    • Working exercises so you can practice and master your newly acquired skills.

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