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How To Make Big Money In Small Apartments - FREE Book (Just Pay Shipping)

How To Make Big Money In Small Apartments - FREE Book (Just Pay Shipping)

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Lance Edwards has bought and wholesaled apartments ranging from 3 units to 300 units. He completed his first real estate deal in 2002 using none of his own cash or credit. Within three years, he was able to leave his corporate job of over 20 years.

Since then, Lance has been teaching others nationwide how to get started in apartments using the techniques revealed in his New York Times Best Selling Book, How To Make Big Money In Small Apartments.

Claim your free copy and discover why small apartments are the smarter investment over single family houses. Learn how to invest in small apartment buildings with no money, no credit, and no prior real estate experience.

What’s You Will Learn:


  • How small apartments increase your cash flow faster than single family houses.
  • How to find cash cow properties you can buy for pennies on the dollar.
  • Where to get financing without your personal credit and without any cash out of pocket.
  • Why you never need to worry about tenants, toilets, and repairs.
  • How real people are creating lump sum income and dependable monthly cash flow from small apartments.